Thursday, February 8, 2007
Valentine's Day is the time to express that hidden desire. This is “the” right time to get hold of the right Valentine’s Day flower. Flirting with those gorgeous men and stunning women would never be better without the perfect valentines day flowers!Put your best foot and sweetest smile forward with these flowers and explore the world on your terms.
  • Amaryllis: Splendid Beauty
  • Begonia: Beware
  • Bells of Ireland: Good Luck
  • Bouvardia: Enthusiasm
  • Buttercup: Childishness
  • Crocus: Youthful gladness
  • Dandelion: Rustic Prophesy
  • Delphinium: Flights of Fancy, Ardent Attachment
  • Galax: Encouragement
  • Huckleberry: Faith
  • Hyacinth: Playful Joy
  • Jonquil: Affection returned
  • Larkspur: An Open Heart
  • Lily-orange: Wealth
  • Lily of the Valley: Humility, Sweetness, and Return of Happiness
  • Ranunculus: Cheerful, Jolly and charming
  • Tulip: Love and Passion
  • Tulip-red: Declaration of love
  • Violet (white): Let's take a chance on love
  • Viscaria: Will you dance with me?
  • Woodruff: Sweet humility
  • Wax Flower: Riches Wisteria: Welcome, Salutation


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