Monday, February 5, 2007
A small bouquet of Valentines Day rose is a great alternative to a basket of other Valentine’s Day flowers for your valentine! Create a bouquet of roses that will make your beloved feel like the most precious and special someone in your life!

STEP 1: Use miniature roses and rosebuds for the bouquet instead of large, open roses. Talk with your local florist about their availability. The number of roses needed will depend on the desired bouquet size and the size of the roses.
STEP 2: Use roses in colors that coordinate with those used to express your feeling for that special someone!
STEP 3: Use a purchased bouquet holder for the bouquet. Use a smaller bouquet holder than that used for the bridal or bridesmaids' bouquets.
STEP 4: Tie one large ribbon bow at the top of the bouquet holder's handle and/or tie several lengths of narrow ribbon there to create ribbon streamers. Use 1- or 2-inch-wide silk or satin ribbon for the bow and 1/4-inch ribbon for the streamers. Affix the ribbons with a bit of glue.
STEP 5: Create a hand-tied bouquet of miniature roses and rosebuds as an alternative to a bouquet. Make this bouquet as elaborate or as simple as you like.
STEP 6: Lay the roses, along with any greenery or other filler items, such as baby's breath, on a flat work surface. Position the roses close together so that their arrangement is symmetrical and all the roses are visible.
STEP 7: Tie the stems together with green floral tape or florist wire. Tie them just below the bottom-most rose in the arrangement. If some stems are not long enough to be secured by the tape or wire, affix the stem to another stem that is higher in the arrangement. This can also help keep the bouquet held tightly together.
STEP 8: Trim the stems so that they remain at least 5 inches long and tie a silk or satin bow at the bottom of the bouquet. Use 1- or 2-inch-wide ribbon that coordinates with the Valentines Day colors.
STEP 9: Use pearl sprays, lace trim and other decorative pieces in conjunction with the bow or in the bouquet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Order any flowers well in advance of the date and pick your flowers up from the florist as close to the Valentines Day as possible. This will help to insure that your flowers are their freshest.
  • Look for bouquet holders at floral supply and craft stores. Choose holders that come with a floral foam insert. Some holders also come with a lace "collar" that fits around the cone portion of the holder.
  • Remove thorns and dead or wilted leaves before arranging the bouquet. Wear a pair of gardening gloves for protection.
    Use feather leaf fern as a backing for your hand-tied bouquet and as filler in a more traditional bouquet.
  • Use artificial roses and greenery as an alternative to fresh ones. Artificial roses are usually less expensive and will be a lasting memento of a very special valentine’s day.
    Keep the bouquet as moist and as cool as possible until it is ready to be used.


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