Thursday, February 8, 2007
How are you supposed to know which flowers are best for your Valentine? You must consider her tastes, as well as the message your gift can convey. There is no gift more popular on Valentine's Day than Valentine’s Day flowers. But, what kind of flowers will she like? What do they mean?

Women often wanted roses in colors other than the traditional red. Instead, they cooed over the "fragrant peach," "favorite yellow," and "elegant lavender" varieties.

Roses come in a range of colors, so if you decide to go the traditional route, the rule of thumb is to consider your Valentine's tastes. There are lots of different varieties of Valentines Day flower! You can take a sneak peek into my last post which talks about different Valentines Day flower!
Lilies came in a close second. Lilies in Valentine's colors are a great choice because they smell wonderful and they're so very beautiful when they bloom day after day. They're a slow blooming flower, so that means they last that much longer. The sweet aroma is wonderful! There are a number of varieties of lilies to choose from. Stargazers are fragrantly sweet, while Asiatic lilies have a touch of elegance.

You can find more information on the meanings of different types of Flower in Wish with flowers . Most of the women chose flower varieties ranging from daises to Chinese mums to orchids when they were asked about their Valentines Day flowers. Their reasons for choosing these types of flowers varied. So want to surprise your lady love with her favorite flower. Click here to know more about their choice.


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