Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Valentine’s Day rose transcends a specific meaning. The Valentines Day rose has been prized for thousands of years throughout a wide range of cultures, and has come to symbolize love, romance, passion and many different things. We can search for its meanings through mythology, religion, art and literature. The rose, which is undoubtedly the most popular flower in the world, speaks of love and has been the choice of lovers in every century. Indeed, there is no room for Valentines Day without a Rose. Surprisingly, if you rearrange the letters of the word rose you get Eros, the god of Love. So rose is the best way to express what you feel about your beloved. Here is some meanings attached to rose which will help you to express it more promptly!

Red rose : I Love You, True Love ,Congratulations, Courage and Respect

Red Rosebud : Pure & Lovely

Moss Rosebud : Confessions of Love

Bridal rose : Happy Love

White rose : Innocence , Purity ,Humility, I am Worthy of You

White Rosebud : Girlhood , Heart Ignorant of Love

Thornless rose : Love at First Sight , Early attachment

Yellow rose
: Decrease of Love , Jealousy , Joy

Leaf rose : You May Hope

Dark Crimson rose : Mourning

Deep red rose : Bashful , Shame

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