Wednesday, January 31, 2007
On Valentine’s Day roses are the clear choice of deep expressions of love and affection. Roses make a vivid impression in the mind of the person you give to. It is mostly seen that that women enjoy pastel colors such as baby pink, pale lavender, warm peach and soft yellow. While men gravitate between warm crisp colors in dark tone in valentine roses. Red roses are ultimate “I love you” flower. They proclaim the deepest romantic love and the most fervent passion.
  • Deep pink roses: express gratitude and also symbolizes reunion with the partner recently.
  • Lavender: represent love at first site.
  • Light pink: express your fun attitude
  • Pale pink: express happiness and joy
  • White: Say “I miss u”
  • Coral and orange: passion
  • Peach: appreciation
  • White n red: harmony in lasting relation

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