Friday, February 2, 2007
There are many types of Roses through which you can express your feelings for your Valentine. Valentines day rose wishes are combination of warmth and vigour. So why wait? Here are few types of roses which would express your true feelings for your valentine this year!

Floribunda: Make any landscape design stand out with the most colorful of rose types. Floribunda roses are bushy shrubs and produce flower clusters of three to 15.

Hybrid Tea: One of the most popular rose types, hybrid teas are upright bushes that generally produce one flower per stem. Blooms have a high-center point. Many varieties reveal a beautiful fragrance.

Grandiflora: A grandiflora is a cross between a floribunda and a hybrid tea. This rose grows up to six feet tall and produces classic hybrid tea flower clusters.

Shrub & Landscape: Coming in all shapes and sizes, shrub and landscape roses work well in any landscape. Landscape roses grow close to the ground, like ground cover, and have a very spreading habit.

Climber: Climbing roses help dress up any garden, usually growing on a trellis or a fence. These roses have long, arching canes with numerous flowers that can cover walls, pillars or any other type of supporting structure.

Miniature: Miniature roses are the smallest of rose plants, growing anywhere from six inches to two feet tall. This rose type is hardy, flowers continuously and is perfect for container gardening.

Tree Roses: Tree roses are made up of a hardy root stock grafted to a long stem that is, in turn, grafted to a rose bush at the top of the stem. The tree rose is a lovely addition to the garden, but extra care is needed to insure its survival over winter.
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