Thursday, February 1, 2007
A rose can speak a thousand words. The language of roses are different for different people. Do you know the various languages of rose? Here are some to help you! Make sure you learn them by heart and be careful in chosing them for your Valentine!

  • CAROLINA ROSE: Love is dangerous
  • WHITE ROSEBUD: Too young to love
  • WHITE WITHERED ROSE: I am in despair
  • HALF-BLOWN ROSE: Timid lover
  • FULL-BLOWN ROSE: Engagement
  • CHINA ROSE: Beauty is always new
  • JAPAN ROSE: Beauty is your only attraction
  • YELLOW ROSE: You have betrayed me
  • ROSE LEAF: You may hope
  • MOSS ROSE: Superior confessions of love
  • WILD ROSE: Charming simplicity
  • MUSK ROSE: Capricious beauty


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